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Victory Police Motorcycles Riders Reviews

Victory Police Motorcycles has been on a fast pace meeting with Law Enforcement Agencies from coast to coast in the USA and in Canada. The response has been overwhelming and this is a summary of what Motor Officers are saying about the Victory Commander I and II Police Motorcycles:

These Motorcycles handle so well and with the tip over protection it inspires confidence to lean these bikes beyond what we are used to and, actually improved our confidence in riding our current motorcycles due to the tremendous lean angle the Victory’ take you to.

These Motorcycles are safe, Rider protection is the best we have ever seen and we can tell these Motorcycles were designed with Rider safety in mind and as a secondary benefit protection from damage for the Motorcycles.

Why has it taken so long before a Company came out with a complete package that offers everything a Law Enforcement Motor Officers desires or we have been asking for in a Law Enforcement Motorcycle.

The low end Torque is fantastic, you can idle through the problems making it easier on the Rider to run the course and saving wear and tear on the brakes, clutch and motorcycle.

The low maintenance on these Motorcycles is simply unbelievable compared to the other Law Enforcement Motorcycles available, it is simply amazing.

The motorcycle’s center of gravity gives all motor officers the opportunity to sit in the motorcycle, not on top of the motorcycle.

Simple thumb action on emergency lighting and siren/air horn emergency equipment is so simple it is stupid. Why has this not come out before now?

Having a built in Helmet lock in the handlebars is simply shows this is a well thought out Motorcycle made by Cops.

Quick disconnect top box? Having only two connectors to connect the top box to the motorcycle, the electronics on this motorcycle is great, very clean and superbly organized and well thought out. My mechanics love you guys.

One impressive feature is the kickstand takeoff position that allows officers to get on the motorcycle and take off without putting the kickstand up. The kickstand automatically retracts without causing a safety issue. The emergency equipment system is very impressive. Some of the features include, all led emergency lights, alley lights, headlight blackout systems, long rifle security systems, large saddlebags, ghost shifter with adjustable foot controls. This bike just keeps on amazing.

Below are some Victory Police Motorcycles comments from Chiefs, Commanders, Officer’s and Deputy’s...

• Made in the U.S.A
• Most comfortable bike they have ever ridden
• The lean is unbelievable
• Like the Tactical side of the Motorcycle
• Brakes are fantastic
• Like the fact they can choose their own Lighting/emergency equipment package
• The safety of these bikes is unsurpassed and the best we have ever seen
• Storage is the best second to none
• The Motorcycle protection and protection of the Officers is just superb
• The Alley lights are a great idea
• The simple switches for emergency lighting and siren are super simple
• The indicators informing you of what is off and what is on is nice
• The Stereo and IPOD features are fantastic.
• The Tactical rifle set up and exhaust tip indicators are a good idea.
• A built in helmet lock on the handle bars, what a novel idea
• No engine heat even after running for 4 hours straight on the track
• We Like all the gauges and indicators on the bike, information is great.
• The MC is a great tactical bike and provides true Officer Cover unlike any other MC
• The offline acceleration is great; you can just feel this is a Torque Monster
• The riding position is by far the most comfortable we have tested and we have tested them all
• We like how easily the controls are adjustable to fit the varying size of Officers we have from 5’4”to 6’6”
• The fact that I could take the bike down and then gas it and comes right back up is simply phenomenal.
• Watching Mike change out a clutch on one of the test bikes on our track in fewer than 47 Minutes with just some hand tools and not spill a drop of oil impressed our mechanics to no end. They were in Disbelief knowing what they have to go through on our bikes.

And comments from Department Mechanics...

• BEST wiring ever seen on a law Enforcement Motorcycle.
• Fantastic idea on the easily removed power pack of the Top Box
• Great simple two connectors for the Top Box
• The simplicity of the installation of the emergency equipment will allow all of us to work on the bikes with ease and confidence.
• The protective features of the bike will make for fewer repairs, these bikes are bullet proof. Our department will save a bundle.
• Simplicity of changing the rear tire is super great
• Can’t believe how simple this bike is to service and maintain we can keep our fleet on the road

This is what we are hearing and seeing after launching the New American Police Motorcycle, a Motorcycle that has been met with much skepticism that is until they ride it. Stay tuned and watch the Videos as more are being posted on what this great bike can do.

Nita Buckner
Victory Police Motorcycles

Some Victory Police Motorcycles "rider" reviews...

These bikes are the best.  While Danny was working the east mesa DUI task force, all the motors were highly impressed with the lighting on our new bikes.  These machines are amazing.  Love them. Me and Officer Hicks are counting the days until the city gets us each one.

Sgt. C. Allison #50
Traffic Supervisor / Impound Vehicle Coordinator/ Tow Sergeant
Apache Junction Police Department, Arizona

I filled out the generic survey just prior to this one.  I provided all comments in that survey.  To sum it up you guys have provided the best bike I have ever ridden and Rob was the best rep you could have sent.  He was able to answer everybody’s questions perfectly and knew exactly when to let the bike itself provide the answers.  You guys are clearly the future of Police Motorcycles, it is only a matter of time before this is the only bike you will see a Motor Officer riding.

I was blown away at how clean the wiring system on the bike was.  The serviceability and maintenance of the bike also amazed me.  My quartermaster who handles all of the above usually, was dumbfounded at the electronics and mechanical aspect of this bike.

Chris Hyatt
Peachtree City Police Department, Georgia

I loved this bike! The power from the motor comes on smooth but strong. I got lots of torque at low rpm and the brakes are great, they stop the bike fast with little effort. The bikes balance is excellent also and maneuvers at low or high speed are effortless. I also liked the feeling of sitting in the bike instead of on top of it.

Marshall Larsen
Woodstock Police Department, Georgia

I am sorry I missed you during our trip to Tucson. We had a great time! The hospitality that was extended toward us was exemplary. Anita was a great host, Kenny (loved his jokes) and Bobby (superb trainer…and patient) were awesome, and Johnny showed us everything there was to show us about the bikes! We really couldn’t ask for anything more and I don’t see how they could have done any better. Now about the bikes. I expected to like them. I thought that they’d be like the H-Ds, only with a better build quality to them. But what I found completely surpassed my expectations! I was blown away by their appearance, design, performance…you name it! I’m hoping our city decides to purchase them…and I can’t wait until I can get one assigned to me. I’ll be trying to buy one when we retire them. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I was impressed. ? Thank you very much for bringing us to Tucson, handing us over to such a capable staff, and showing us such fine machines

Blake Lockhart
Traffic Sergeant, Tyler Police Department, Texas

"As a Police Motor Officer, I spend all day on a Harley Davidson Electra Glide. When it came to buy my own motor a friend suggested that I look at the Victory line. I used the Internet to find comparative studies between Victory and HD. Outside of what the motor gurus were saying, I came across the videos hosted by Mike Schultz, comparing the engines and transmissions between these bikes, and was totally amazed and impressed on how the engineering of the Victory was far better than the HD, in all aspects. Mr. Schultz, your video was extremely informative and pretty much convinced me that "Victory" was the choice to make. After my test ride, back here in MI, it was a "no brainer". I was extremely happy to find out that Victory was also in the "Police Market". Thanks for stopping by our department with the motors. It sounds like we may be the first Department in MI to change to Victory."

Motor Officer Chris Filimon
Warren Police Department, Michigan

I hope Victory Police Motorcycles grab a Large percentage of the market away from BMW, Honda, Kawasaki. I hope we get Victories!

Officer John Ouellette
Braintree Police Department, Massachusetts

I truly loved this bike. It went above and beyond of what I thought it could do. Gentlemen, I would like to personally thank you for bringing your crew and bikes to our department on Friday, June 24th. I have to say that your bikes have left a lasting impression with not only my guys in my unit, but everybody that had the opportunity to ride or even see the bikes. I WAS a Harley guy, still love them. But what you offer with your bikes and the features are hands down where we want to go. I will look to purchase one for myself in the near future (Rob, still interested in yours).

SGT Rod Schaeffer
Lee's Summit Police Dept., Missouri

The Victory Bike at first sight, I thought would be too big and hefty to maneuver, but after riding it for a while, I couldn't be more wrong.. it was very easy to maneuver and very comfortable to ride.

Officer Rick Salgado
Rio Rancho Police Department, New Mexico

I think Victory is going in the right direction as far as less is more. making things easier to get to and understand (wires) is always a good thing. Loved the bike, Victory has a great product!! Keep it up.

Officer Cody Roberts
Rio Rancho Police Department, New Mexico

First of all, after a little under 2 weeks and 2 escorts later, thank you to your and your staff for making such a fantastic motor! I'm the envy of KC metro motorcops and civilians alike.

Corporal Justin Schopfer
Traffic Safety Unit
Lenexa Police Department

BTW ….love, love, love the bike.

Motor SGT Diana Mendoza
Lenexa Police Department

I had the opportunity to ride a victory police motor in Portland 2 weeks ago. I sat on it and felt very comfortable right away. I rode the Kawasaki concourse thinking I would like it for a personal bike. When I sat on the Victory I liked it right away. The ride was very favorable. Victory is bringing a truck load of bike to the local dealer this next week. I will be down there riding them to pick out my personal bike.

Deputy Gary Brodine
Ada County Sheriff Department, Meridian, Idaho

What is it you least liked about the Motorcycle? That my agency doesn't have the Victory. This product has been a long time coming!!!! Thank you for putting a quality product into the hands of law enforcement!!

Officer Timothy Hodge
United States Park Police, Maryland

It is not fair to compare the Victory to HD. They are not even close. The only similarity I see is they are both made in the USA. Your bike is way ahead of them in every way.

Deputy Richard Wagner
Harris County Sheriff Department, Texas

I had the opportunity to ride your demo bikes at the Pasadena Motor Rodeo and fell in love with them. I hope we chose your bikes for our next fleet in Pasadena. Would LOVE to have one as a personal bike as well. I have ridden many different bikes and I was thoroughly impressed. Thanks for coming to Pasadena. Hope your product makes it our way.

Officer Derek Locklin
Pasadena Police Department, California

Thanks for letting us get to ride hopefully our next motorcycle.  You are correct, I can see why you converted over to the Victory and when I get ready to trade that is something I am seriously going to look at myself.  The ease of operation was great and for it not to have broken down after all of us riding it was fantastic. I am sold on it and trying to get others on board.  If you do come back to the area please let me know, I will see about getting out Chief or Major to come with us next time.

Lt. Tim Clouse
Traffic Division Commander
Tupelo Police Department, Mississippi

The overall apearence and ride of his motorcycle is very impressive.  I really like the side stand operation that lets you ride away with the side stand down.

Richard J. McCool
Rio Rancho Police Department, New Mexico

Victory in the future... The Victory motorcycle has surpassed all expectations.  Once you get on one, you won't want to get off.  The strategic approach into the design, stability, and functionality has far exceeded any of its competitors in the Police Motorcycle industry.  Overall an - EXCELLENT POLICE MOTOR.. Extremely simple and inexpensive approach to preventative maintenance.  The wiring system isn't hidden, and can be easily reached for repairs.  The low-maintenance approach to Victory is by far the best in the industry.

Justin Garcia
Rio Rancho Police Department, New Mexico

Was pretty impressed!  I liked the lean angle and ability to scrape boards as far as we could and still bring the bike up with acceleration.  This bike was so easy to ride it takes away the necessary skill to ride other bikes at that level.

Officer Steve Roth
Topeka Police Department, Kansas

Very impressed, Great Bike.  Meets or exceeds Harley in all areas.

Sgt. Bill White
Topeka Police Department, Kansas

The test ride of the Commander 1 was great!  I was very impressed by the handling of the motor and it takes a lot to impress me.  I have been a diehard Harley rider for over 15 years, but Rob and the Victory Motorcycle has converted me.  I was once under the impression that there was only one Motorcycle made, especially in America, now I stand corrected.  The only down side I see to the Victory is key placement.  Rob asked me what I did not like about the Victory I could not think of anything at the time, but I would like to see the key management in a location similar to that of the Harley.  Other than that the Victory is a Victory for today’s Motor Officers. Again the bike was exceptional! I was very pleased with the way the motor handled and the control you had with the clutch.  Again this is a Victory for the Motor officer of today.

Tim Clouse
Tupelo Police Department, Mississippi

I truly loved this bike.  It went above and beyond of what I thought it could do.

Rod Schaeffer
Lee's Summit Police Dept., Missouri

The Victory Police Motorcycle crew were awesome in showing off the motors in Lenexa, Kansas. I got on the Motor and it was surprisingly responsive to anything that I wanted it to do.  Watching the Victory Crew tip them over and over again and then stopping on the skids was very impressive. It was unbelievable to see. I was also impressed on how well built this bike is. Solid steel crash bars, NOT TUBING!! Metal boxes, the 1/4 inch skid plate on the bottom of the bike should with stand the worst of abuse. I don't think I could say enough good things about these motors. The warranty is outstanding, performance outstanding, overall looks outstanding. Sign me up for a career touring the State of Iowa to demonstrate these motors.  What else can I say....I want a Police Version personally and if I had one I KNOW I wouldn't ride anything else!!

Officer Earnest Pettit
Osceola Police Dept., Iowa

I really enjoyed the Victory bike and having been on it, I'm confident that I'd like my dept to go to this bike. Also, it appears this will be the personal bike purchase I plan to make this year! GREAT JOB  Thank you Mike. It really is a GREAT bike!

Officer Darren Bledsoe
Collegedale Police Dept., Tennessee

This bike was nothing short of amazing.  I had the opportunity to ride this motorcycle at both low and high speed.  This bike was completely smooth at high speed, it was very nimble a slow speed maneuvering.  I would recommend this motorcycle to anyone. And as I stated above I will be buying a Victory as my next personal motorcycle.

Officer Joseph P. McGhee
Chambersburg Borough P.D., Pennsylvania

First of all, after a little under 2 weeks and 2 escorts later, thank you to your and your staff for making such a fantastic motor!  I'm the envy of KC metro motor cops and civilians alike.

Corporal Justin Schopfer
Lenexa Police Department, Traffic Safety Unit

Great product that appears to have put a lot of thought into it.  Can't wait to get one.

Officer Doug Hamblin
Pasadena California  PD

As a Harley guy, I really didn't want to like the Victory but after riding it, I couldn't help but like it. Great bike! When it comes time to trade my bike, I will definitely be looking at the Victory.

Officer Randy Barber
Collegedale Police Dept, Ooltewah, TN

After loaning them the victory for a week:

I will try to get it there today or tomorrow morning.  Hate to give it up.  Had a lot of uuuusss and ahhhhhhs from all the motors while we had it.  Good year was drooling but I couldn’t talk them into trying it out.  I kept telling them, trust me, you can’t hurt this bike, it’s not Honda, lol.  Tempe and chandler were talking about during training they are tearing up their Hondas, I told them that the Victory was made to take it.  I think that is where the high cost of maintenance is on the Honda, they destruct when they go down, even in training.  True with the Harleys, we went through 3 clutches on four bikes in one day.  We tortured your bike, over and over, didn’t even get hot.  The bike went none stop from motor to motor and runs as smooth as when you loaned it to us.


Sgt. C. Allison #50
Apache Junction Police Department

The Sells Rep. that facilitated the  ride was Mr. Rob Cornelius.  Mr. Cornelius impressed me with his knowledge of Victory Motorcycles and was very pleasant. I have rode motorcycles for  twenty plus years and the Victory is the best that I have ever been on.

Officer Alfred J. Carter
Western Carolina University PD


Jeff A. Willard
Skagit County Sheriff's Department, WA

Even though I am a Victory owner and have ridden Victory product for years the Cross series of bikes still blows my mind. The police up fit and thought process that went into the design of these units is truly impressive. Every part of the bike and the police package leaves me wondering what more could anyone want in police motor.

Officer Chad Sunday
Harrisburg Bureau of Police, Harrisburg, PA

This motorcycle had strong power, no vibration, and no heat burning my short legs.  I am 5'6 and have trouble touching the ground on my Police Harley. On the Commander I could not only stand flat foot while on the motor I could also move it around with little effort. 

What is it you least liked about the Motorcycle?
That I don't have one.

Officer Daniel Teague
Southern Regional Police, PA

Thank you for showing us your bikes I was very impressed on the way Victory has fixed most all the complaints that the motor officers have shared over the years. As much as I have talked about your bike I should be a salesman. Your product should be easy to sell because it sells itself.  If you come back to Washington next time, I hope that it isn't raining.

Deputy Ron Vater
Skagit County Sheriff's Office, Mt. Vernon, WA

I have been on every type of police motorcycle make and model out there and had the opportunity to visit Victory's Police National Sales Director, Mr. Mike Schultz and the CEO Ms. Nita Buckner at the Victory Store.  I was able to ride the newest "Victory Police Motorycle" this week. This motorcycle is one of the most AMAZING machines I have ever been on in every capacity.

I have never been on a more comfortable motorcycle during slow and high speeds. I test drove the motorcycle on several surfaces and made many types of maneuvers, including maximum front braking. It handled perfectly!  No clutch overheating. No brake loss. Pick up speeds were amazing. According to Mike, they have the fastest parts and turnaround time guaranteed by Victory Police Motorcycles. Victory Police Motorcycles also gives you a choice on wrapping your bikes, as well as a paint package for quick cosmetic turnaround instead of waiting for weeks on paint jobs. Victory Police Motorcycles allows local police mechanics to work on warranty items, saving downtime.

The engine components are state-of-the-art and this state-of-the-art engineering keeps the clutch and engine components from overheating. The police lights and wiring systems are very clean. Motor officers will love the bright front/rear/side emergency lights.  I was amazed to see "bright alley lights" and "blackout systems" on board for tactical situations.

Storage area beats any current Police Motorcycle on the road. The storage area for long-rifles is a lock-proof system just like cruisers have. There is a personal feature that each motor officer will be able to take off the bikes as they retire!

More than that, it's an American made motorcycle with a lot of engineering, and police input. This motorcycle is the "best" all around bike of its kind for police duty. In my 25 years as a Police Officer, I will predict that Victory Police Motorcycles will beat other major competitors once the Victory Police Motorcycle is introduced.  It will fit in any department's program whether state highway patrol, county, universities, colleges, or local departments.  Victory Police Motorcycles is offering Law Enforcement Agencies a great warranty that is untouched in the industry. You have to see and ride this motorcycle. I would challenge any Motor Officer to compare this bike to the current one you are riding and see how fast you become addicted...

Congratulations to Nita & Mike for creating the ultimate Police Motorcycle!

Bobby Garcia
Badge #26242
Retired 2010 Motor Officer
Trainer & National Competitor
Tucson, Arizona

It was great pleasure having the opportunity to ride the Victory Police Bike. Having never ridden a Victory Police Bike before, I was "shocked" how quickly I adapted to the bike and the handling of the bike when running the offset, iron cross, key hole, 180 decel, double 360, slow cone weave and last but not least, the phenomenal acceleration response when racing the Harley Davidson 103 cubic inch.

I am still in disbelief in reference to the quick, smooth and fast acceleration dominating the Harley 103 cubic inch when racing. 

I have been a Motor Officer for the past three years riding the Police Harley. I can honestly say, "that any Motor Officer that rides the Victory will give the same feedback as I have given". 

Tommie L. Jackson
Lakeland, FL Police Dept.

You already have the only specific built Police Motor with more options than all other bikes together. I got a feeling when they start catching on it will be the only Police Motor out there because its the only one that makes sense.

Sergeant James Scott
Tucson Police Deparment Motor Officer

We had a chance to enjoy and check out the Victory Police package today with Mr. Rob. I am at a loss for words, it is one hell of a bike. We are trying get our Sheriff on board and we need to put together a package.

Deputy Jerry Bonds
Covington, Louisana

Thanks for putting together such an impressive bike.  It truly is THE Police Motorcycle!

Training Officer Bill McCombs
Lenexa, Kansas

Nice, you gotta love that bike! (Comment on Victory Police Motorcycles Vs. BMW Video)

Sgt. Gary Laguard
Alhambra PD Motor Unit

Your bikes seem to have everything our Department desires in a motorcycle.

Sgt. Ben Zucker
LAPD West Traffic Division

I think that you have a great bike and is better suited for the motor officer of the new millennium.

Brandon Nielsen
St. John Parish Sheriff's Office

The low end torque is amazing.. What really impressed me was that I would not believe it until I saw it for myself.. We didn't have any clutch fade or adjustment the entire day on the pad on either of the Victory's! I also love the skid plate and crash bars that really protect the bike!

Sergeant David A. Prevette Sr.
Iredell County Sheriff's Office NC

I would like to thank you for everything you guys have done. I had an opportunity to test ride your Motorcycles in Punta Gorda and again in Tallahassee. You present your product in a very professional manner. I was very impressed how easy it was to adapt to a slightly different riding style of the Commander I and Commander II. Thank You very much Mike and Nita for coming onboard and being a Corporate Sponsor for the Police Unity Tour of Florida Inc. Chapter VIII. 160 Officers died in the Line of Duty in 2010 including 4 Motor Officers. Your Generous Donation is greatly appreciated. I am very proud to represent Victory Police Motorcycles on this Tour.

DFC Bil Joseph
ID #97-07
Traffic Unit/Motor 22
Lee County Sheriff's Office

What features does your off duty motorcycle have that you wish your service Motorcycle had? All the stuff Victory has.. I want a Victory so freaking bad!

Motor Officer Raymond Schilke III
Cape Coral Police Department

Loved the Commander I....hoping my department will consider officer safety and maintenance/substance over initial costs.  In the long run, I believe the Victory will cost less in maintenance and officer lost time due to injury.

Motor Officer Billy Farrow
Colorado Springs Police Department

Today your rep's came to Colorado Springs and allowed us to demo your bikes. Prior to the demo I was unfamiliar with them and left the demo surprised and very, very interested in the prospect of possibly obtaining these bikes for a service unit. The overall handling and options were outstanding. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to test your bikes out.

Motor Officer Chris McCleary
Colorado Springs Police Department

I loved the presentation at the demo. The ride was great!

Motor Officer Don Lorimor
El Paso County Sheriff's Office

I rode the Commander 1 in a test drive today and was really impressed with it. I could see and would the chance to work off of this motorcycle.

Motor Officer Scott Hallas
Colorado Springs Police Department

I test road the Commander 1 and loved it.  I may consider a personal purchase of this style of Victory.  Thanks for letting us ride.

Motor Officer Nathan Jorstad
Colorado Springs Police Department

I thought that demonstration was well done and I thanks you again for bring the motorcycle to Colorado Springs and allowing  myself and fellow motors officers test/ride....VERY NICE MOTORCYCLE AND IT WAS WELL THOUGHT OUT FOR A POLICE OFFICER.

Motor Officer Armando Newell
Colorado Springs Police Department

I thought the bike handled very well. I feel I could qualify on it with little practice.

Motor Officer Sheldon Schnese
Colorado Springs Police Department

Had the guys at the department yesterday, and they were great. I am sorry I did not see these bikes sooner, had bought a new Goldwing two months ago and have already put it into service. If I had know about these I would have bought a commander.

Motor Officer Martin Cashmore
Pasadena Police Department, Texas

Loved the bike and enjoy being able to be used.

Motor Officer Jason Wylie
City of Carrollton

Rode your Demo bike in Frisco, Tx today during Police Training. The handling surprised me. I did like it.

Motor Officer Michael Smith
Carrollton Police Department

Based on the research I've done on your new line of Police motorcycles it looks like you guys have listened and put a lot of thought into making these motors true working bikes.  Thanks for paying attention.

Motor Officer Paul Beasley
St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, Florida

Just want to say that I love the Commander 1!  Great bike.  Hope the City buys them for us.

Motor Officer James Troy Gurley
Florence Police Department, Alabama

Can't stop bragging, love the bike!  Safety is the utmost importance in my opinion.  Everything else can fall in behind that with a close 2nd to be performance/reliability. 

Motor Officer Bill McCombs
Lenexa Police Department, Kansas

After riding this motorcycle today, i have been riding police harley motorcycles for almost ten years, i wanted to trade in my harley for the victory.......on the spot....

Deputy Jerry Bonds
St. John's, Louisiana

Just want to say that I love the Commander 1!  Great bike.  Hope the City buys them for us.

Motor Officer James Troy Gurley
Florence Police Department, Alabama

I didn't get to ride on the victory police cycles when you came out but I love my victory crossroad. We currently have the Honda ST1300. The only thing I like about the 1300 is the acceleration and braking, the seating on the 1300 is almost back breaking after a couple of hours on it. If the police model Cross Country is anything like my crossroads it will be awesome seating with great performance and handling.  I have owed several H-D's in the past and since going to Victory I proudly say, bye-bye H-D. No more shaking.

Motor Officer Laura Whitt
Colorado Springs Police Department

What is it you least liked about the Motorcycle? Really nothing (we hear this all the time). After only about 10 minutes I did not need the clutch, and we had the course set to specs...what a awesome motorcycle (due to the victory being the low end torque king).

Motor Officer Mikal Jahaaski
Cape Coral Police Department, Florida

Last Friday was a blast!!! I hope my department makes the switch.

Raymond Schilke
Cape Coral, Florida

Thanks for bringing the bikes to the Spings for the demo... very, very impressed.

Chris McCleary
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Any additional comments you could provide us with? Easy change clutch, can't tip the bike over...what’s not to love!  Looking at a cross country to replace my Ultra.

Billy Farrow
Colorado Springs Police Department

Any additional comments you could provide us with? I enjoyed testing your product. It was like dismounting your dependable plow mule and mounting a race horse. One thing I did notice as the different motor officer was testing the bike is their mindset. The fact of a longer overall bike is hard to get used to. I would like to give the Victory personnel a pat on the back for designing the up and coming Police bike of the future. Great Job!!!!!!!!!

Lt.   Johnny Hackett
Gautier Police Department, Mississippi

Overall A+!!!.

Deputy Jonathan Ramsey
Jackson County Police Department, Mississippi

I loved my Harley until I rode the Victory.  I really want to sell my Harley now.  There is no comparison in comfort or performance over the Harley.  For work I would have to evaluate it more comparing it to the sport touring motorcycles.  You seemed to think of every problem I've seen with other bikes and addressed them with this model.

Rodger Funk
Whatcom County Sheriff's Office

The bike was responsive, powerful and it's braking was right on point when I needed it to be.  LIKE WHEN THAT TRUCK RUSHED INTO THE LEFT TURN IN FRONT OF ME!!  That was the SMOOTHEST EMERGENCY STOP I've ever made on a motorcycle in my life, and I OWN A VICTORY!

Timothy 'Dexter' Hodge

Thanks for bringing the motorcycles to our event.  I think you have a great product and are going at it the right way.  It will take some time to bring about change with a group of Officers that resist change.  The features that you provide with your bikes is second to none at this point.  Getting your bike in the hands of Officers for trials is key in my opinion.  After they have a chance to ride it for a day or two perceptions will change.  I'll be at the local dealer when our weather improves for a test ride.

Jeff Liddiard
Bellevue, Washtington P.D


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