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Victory Police Motorcycles BadgeVictory Police Motorcycles Grant Help:

Seems like we have infuriated Harley-Davidson by offering Grant Assistance referrals to the Police One web site and Harley has requested through Police One, Victory Police Motorcycles discontinue promoting that service as Harley has bought that exclusive right.

We feel this is quite a compliment to Victory Police Motorcycles and the fantastic job our team has done in building the BEST Police/Law Enforcement Motorcycle to ever be introduced within the last 100+ years. Guess we can’t blame them for being worried! Victory will be revolutionizing the Police Motorcycles and how the Law Enforcement Agencies are looked upon as partners and not simply another customer.

Apply for Grant Assistance:

Try to identify those who will benefit from the proposed project and leverage these organizations

Victory Police Motorcycles can offer grant writing Assistance and we would appreciate your completing the request Form below and should be for those departments interested in Victory Police Motorcycles and requesting grant assistance. Please provide all requested information below, then click "Send It". Your request will be forwarded to Victory Police Motorcycles for assistance.

Thank you!


Victory Police Commander
Victory Police Commander



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