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Victory Police Motorcycles Leasing and Purchasing

Leasing Information

Victory Police Motorcycles offers both short and long term lease options for its Motorcycles which include: the Motorcycle, all emergency equipment, radar, and even all scheduled maintenance if desired in one nice simple monthly payment.

Best of all Victory leases are a true lease/purchase with a one Dollar $1.00 buyout at the end of the lease so the department can own the Motorcycle at the end of its term if the department so desires and is not required to return the unit or pay a premium to retain it. The department is able to keep this asset they have been paying on and not simply renting the Motorcycle as is the case with most other leases.

Victory Police Motorcycles can be purchased or leased from 12 to 60 months. Often times the reason most departments lease is they want to hand back the Motorcycle at the end of the second year when the warranty expires. Seems like an unwise reason until you consider the maintenance issues the departments are having with Police bikes previously offered. So what happens is the Department leases the Motorcycles for two (2) years and then returns them back to the dealer who then retails the Motorcycles and makes a profit again on them.

For example Harley leases the Motorcycles for 2 years and the price is between $13,500.00 to $14,000.00 to purchase a new one ( I know with up fit you get to 26k quickly especially if you are using new lights and emergency equipment). So herein lies the issue, The Department pays out $7,000.00 to over $8,000.00 for two years on the lease, has to front the cash for the up fit and labor to do so. Then you use them for two (2) years; get charged for every scratch and repair and oftentimes charged for what they term excessive use or abuse. Well it’s a Police Bike does anyone think they are still used as Ice Cream Tricycles? Or Meter maid wagons?

With Victory Police Motorcycle leases you also are not obligated to take your Victory into a Victory Dealer for all scheduled and services and your department can perform its own maintenance, use the shop of your choice as we firmly believe in the reason to patronize a business is because they provide great service not due to some lease requirement.

So your department pays out a considerable amount to use the bikes for two (2) years, pays to have them up fit (they paid to have installed when they received the motorcycles) removed and return the motorcycles to a Harley dealer and the Dealer retail the bikes for anywhere from $10,000.00 to $12,000.00 or even more for a bike that originally sold for $14,000.00 so the net result is they get over $20,000.00 for a bike they were willing to sell you for only $14,000.00.

There has been no incentive for the other Manufactures to offer a warranty longer than two or three (2) or (3) years, it forces the departments to return them, usually after the department (City, County and State) has taken the deprecation hit.

Now consider Victory Police Motorcycles lease program, we do not care if you buy or lease the product, they all come with a five (5) year unlimited mile warranty. Notice how Dodge, Ford, Toyota and others are increasing their warranties! Why? The products are getting better. Others in the Police Motorcycle business are not offering the same. Maybe it's due to the technology in their bikes is over 100 years old for Harley and 70+ years for BMW. (Yes the BMW opposed Cylinder engine dates back to pre-World War II and VW Discontinued that Engineering design 30-40 years ago Amazing).

Leasing a Motorcycle, for only two (2) or three (3) years, the City/County/State, just rented, (yes rented) the motorcycle(s). If it comes back with wear and tear issues you pay for that as well. We all know the largest depreciation hit is in the first/second year of ownership? That is what is happening when you lease for such a short term and return the asset. The only reason to lease is to preserve cash flow. Renting which it truly is when it is on such a short term, if the Tax payers understood that, they would probably wish the department would maximize the asset.

With a Victory lease, no matter which term you go with, it is a $1.00 (Dollar) buy out. It is simply a form of financing the City/County/State can use that only allocates for a year at a time as that is when the budgets are approved for. By calling the finance instrument a lease, it complies with the annual budget requirements and allows for non-appropriations which mean if your City does not approve the budget to cover the lease payments for that year, the bikes can often times be returned? That rarely happens. Doing so is like a City, County or State filing Bankruptcy, then no one wants to lend to them and their bond ratings are impacted.

Buy the bikes and own them or lease them for a useful term and own them and with Victory Police Motorcycles five (5) year unlimited mile warranty, Cities, Counties and States can now amortize and own the asset without fear of excessive and exorbitant repair costs and for taxpayer’s benefit your department is no longer renting.

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