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Victory Police Motorcycles - Freqently Asked Police Questions

Below are some questions and answers we received from Motor Cops all over the country regarding Victory Police Motorcycles.

Q: Does Victory Police Motorcycles offer leasing?

A: Yes. VPM offers 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 month lease terms you can tailor to your departments budget requirements.

Q: Do we have to return the Bikes at the end of the lease term as we have to with others?

A: No. You can simply buy the Victory Police Motorcycle at the end of the tem for $1.00. Ours is a true lease purchase finance program.
Q: As with other leases, are we responsible for any damages/scratches and wear?

A: With Victory Police Motorcycles since you only have a $1.00 buyout at the end, just buy it and not deal with it, plus you get to keep the motorcycle.

Q. We just bought all new Radars we would like installed on our New Victory’s, can that be facilitated?

A: Yes. We will install your existing radars and other equipment at time of build no problem simply refer to our existing equipment utilization procedure at
Q: Do we have to use the Tomar Lights?

A: No. The great thing with Victory Police Motorcycles is you now have a choice, you can select TOMAR, CODE3, WHELEN and SOUNDOFF as your lighting package. Some manufactures however may not make the type/style light you need for that application, so please let us know when you are putting together your order so we can confirm.

Q: Do we have to run your light configuration?

A: No. You simply pick your lighting configuration. For example, Pearl Mississippi wanted ALL BLUE lights, no problem that is how it was done. We can configure the lights the way your department desires them.

Q: I Noticed you have a black and white option, an all-black or all white paint option, is there any other colors available?

A: Yes. We can provide any color or color combination you want and can even match your cruiser fleet or do something custom. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we will get you a sample to approve.

Q: Does the Commander I and II come with a second battery?

A: Yes. A second isolated battery is standard on the Victory Commander I and II and running the Top Box battery down does NOT drain the Motorcycles battery so the Victory’s always start.

Q: Does Victory Police Motorcycles offer video kits for its Police Motorcycles?

A: Yes. We do and have kits available from several manufactures such as MPH, Kustom Signal and more simply select the manufacture you like and we will include with the pricing and when it comes through Victory Police Motorcycles it has a 5 year warranty on it as well.

Q: When I tested the Motorcycles I liked the one with the taller windshield, is that an option?

A: Yes. We have 5 different windshield heights/options from which to choose so you can get exactly what you need.

Q: Are heated seats available?

A: Yes. Not only heated seats but heated grips as well along with a ton of options see our options list at

Q: Are ABS Brakes an option?

A: ABS Brakes are STANDARD on the Victory Police Motorcycles, Commander I and II and Vision.

Q: Are HID headlights available?

A: Yes. They are standard on the Vision and an option on the Commander I and II bikes. You may also want to consider our Moto GP LED Driving lights with pursuit mode and the light triangulation we achieved makes the Victory Police Motorcycles the best seen Police bikes on the market.

Q: Our department is trying to get approved for the Commander II but we prefer the engine guard (crash bar) of the Commander, can we get that instead?

A: Yes. You can get either guard with your bikes simply order the one you want they mount the same way.



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