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Victory Police Motorcycles Commander I Series

Specifications: Commander I

Victory Police Motorcycles - Commander I
Victory Police Motorcycles - Commander I
Victory Police Motorcycles - Commander I

Victory Police Motorcycles - Commander I
Victory Police Motorcycles - Commander I
Victory Police Motorcycles - Commander I

Commander I Standard Features:
***Industry Exlusives
  • Victory Freedom 106 CI 6 speed. Largest Displacement in the Law Enforcement class***
  • Single point drain/service for the quickest maintenance available ***
  • Electronic Fuel Injection with Dual 45mm throttle body
  • 97 hp 119 ft./lbs torque ***
  • 18% more torque than other motorcycles of same size and 33%+ more than Harley
  • Longer torque curve through mid-range rpm for aggressive passing authority ***
  • Lowest RPM required for maximum Torque in the industry
  • 21 gallon saddlebag storage capacity 25% more than Harley Davidson***
  • 4.7 inches of rear travel
  • Inverted fork technology
  • 560-595 LB load capacity, largest in the Police Industry***
  • 1360 GVW ***
  • 65.7 inch wheelbase
  • Rake/Trail 29-5.6”
  • 26.5 inch seat height. Lowest in the Police Bike market ***
  • 18 inch floor boards for rider comfort with Floor Board Skids ***
  • Adjustable suspension for Riders from 5'2" to 6'8" without altering the bike
  • 5.8 Gallon fuel tank
  • Dual floating 300mm rotor front brakes with four piston calipers
  • Single floating 300mm rotor rear brake with two piston caliper
  • 50 amp Charging system
  • Oil/Air Cooled
  • 5 Quart Motor Oil Capacity ***
  • Wet multi-plate clutch bathing in 5 quarts of cooled oil for superior clutch performance
  • 745 LB Dry weight pre Police package
  • Carbon fiber reinforced drive belt
  • Air Adjustable rear suspension
  • Adjustable shift and brake pedal controls ***
  • Handle Bar mounted Mirrors for increased field of View over fixed fairing mirrors
  • 180/60R16 Dunlop Elite 3 Rear Tire
  • 130/70R18 Dunlop Elite 3 Front Tire
  • Overhead Camshafts with 4 Valves per cylinder ***
  • All or Rear lighting command
  • Color(s) can be specified. Black on White, White on Black, All White etc. Custom paint virtually any color or color combination you desire. ***
  • Dual Isolated Batteries with third Booster ***
  • Independent batteries Second Battery designated for radio/emergency equipment so the bike will always start ***
  • Forged Steel Engine Guards ***
  • Built in Dual battery tender ***
  • Lithium emergency Battery system with LVD (low Voltage disconnect)***
  • Luminous decaling all decals included
  • Undercarriage Steel Skid Plate with ballistic value ***
  • iPhone/iPod interface ***
  • AM/FM radio ***
  • Cruise Control
  • Off Road Switch ***
  • Escort Turn Signal Kit ***
  • 27 LED Emergency Lights STANDARD most in the industry! ***
  • 2 inch Pull Back Handle Bars with Radio Mount Tabs ***
  • Adjustable Windshield with LED Light Brow
  • Keyless Operation ***
  • 1 key Fits all ***
  • Lights Off Sneak Mode
  • Front Driving Lights with Pursuit mode ***
  • VPM rear Bullet LED Turn/tail/Brake Lights ***
  • Officers backrest ***
  • Directional Arrow rear of Top Box ***
  • 10 extra Power connections in fairing ***
  • 6 additional Emergency light connections in front ***
  • External 12VDC Power plug front fairing
  • Steel Saddlebag bars with our exclusive tip over protection ***
  • Replaceable Floorboard skids ***
  • Dual Pursuit exhaust


  • Heated Seat Standard or 1.5 inches lower ***
  • Heated Grips
  • Hydraulic Clutch actuation  
  • Center stand
  • M4 (AR15) with 16 inch Barrel electronic lock system ***
  • Built in Helmet locks ***
  • Radar Gun holsters
  • Two way radio mount
  • Motorcycle cover
  • Flip windshield, smoked various sizes, 9-21 inches available
  • Rain Lower air deflectors
  • Cool seat covers
  • Radar units
  • Video systems
  • Police Radios
  • Communications interfaces such as Setcom and PVP
  • BEST OF ALL Built in America by Americans

Standard Lighting

Victory Police Motorcycles offers its class leading LED emergency Lights as well as lighting packages from Whelen, Brookings, Tomar, and Code3 that include the necessary brackets and connectors, our customers can simply specify on the order which their department prefers as well as color Package desired Red/Blue All Blue Blue/White for example.

VPM Standard Package Includes:

  • Quantity of Two each LED emergency Red/Blue lights on Top Box facing rearward plus one Amber.
  • Quantity of Four, Two each side LED emergency Red/Blue lights on side of Top Box.
  • Quantity of five Amber two front turn signals on front bumper and two on side of top box at the rear escort package.
  • Quantity of Two, LED One each side Dual Color emergency Red/Blue in Driving light position in front of fairing or single Blue if desired.
  • Quantity of Two, LED Dual Color Engine Guard emergency Lights
  • Quantity of two rear fender Red/Blue emergency lights
  • Quantity of two front fender Red/Blue emergency lights
  • Tail/Brake/Turn/Directional Arrow rear of Top Box
  • Two VPM LED Driving Lights with Pursuit mode
  • Two VPM LED Tail/Turn/Brake Bullet Led Lights





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