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Victory Police Motorcycles About Us

As former motor officers, instructors and developers of the Victory Police Motorcycles. We had spent years on the Kawasaki KZ1000 and on the Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Honda and BMW. We were so impressed by the efforts of Victory Police Motorcycles and what they were developing I came on board with Nita Buckner and Mike Schultz, owner of Arizona Victory, and Victory Police Motorcycles has taken off.

Victory Police Motorcycles spent the four long years dedicated to developing the best of the best. We gathered and analyzed thousands of survey results and combined those notes with years of hard work and experience to create the Commander series Police Motorcycle. It is the absolute Best Police Motorcycle on the market and best of all, it is American made!

The Commander comes standard with largest in class 106 cubic inch V Twin producing an industry leading 97 horsepower (4500 rpm) and best 119 ft/lbs of torque (3200 rpm). Coupled with a 6 speed, true overdrive constant mesh transmission, right hand drive with carbon fiber reinforced drive belt. We stand alone at the front of the pack.

Victory Police Motorcycles provides a complete turn-key solution (bike is delivered with lights, siren, radio, crash bars, etc) and is ready for duty on day of delivery. We have two production bikes, the Commander I is a fairing bike, and Vision Police is a fixed Fairing bike. CLICK HERE to read our Q & A with a Motor Cop.

Victory Police Motorcycles Brochure

The Victory Police Motorcycle was years in the making with tremendous input from the Law Enforcement Community and for that we are grateful. Victory Police Motorcycles began in 2007 by Nita Buckner with the help of current and Retired Tucson Motor Officer’s and the assistance of Polaris and their contribution

These Motor Officers have a combined 60 years of Motor Officer experience not only as Motor Officers but two of them were also instructors for the Tucson Police Department. After countless hours of testing and track time, both Kenny Vaughan and Bobby Garcia instantly became enamored with the handling, performance and reliability of this great American Motorcycle. Officers approached Mike Schultz and inquired as to why Victory had never offered a Police Motorcycle. They talked about the possibility and its design but did nothing more at the time than dream of the ultimate Police Motorcycle.

Early in 2007, the Tucson Law Enforcement Cycle Fest and Swap meet was held in downtown Tucson. TPD set up the Police Motorcycle riding course, so the public could watch the riding skills of Tucson’s finest. Mike offered up four New Victory’s for the officers to ride against the Kawasaki 1000’s and Harley Davidson Electra Glide, and the Officers were impressed as to how maneuverable the bikes were through the course. What impressed them most was that after almost seven hours of non- stop riding through the course, Mike and his gang simply mounted the Victory’s and rode them home, proving Victory’s trademark of rugged reliability. The Tucson Officers, Nita and Mike again discussed the idea of a Victory Police Motorcycle and started to look at the various models Victory had to offer.

That same year, Tucson Police Department purchased their fleet of Harley Davidson Motorcycles and quickly started to discover flaws in the motorcycle that were occurring as a result of the aggressive riding nature of the Motor Officer and some model changes of the Harley. The Officers realized that these limitations were interfering with the way they conducted their everyday assignments and caused concern among them. Nita, several TPD Officers and Mike got together again and committed their time and money into building a Police Motorcycle. Nita’s goal was to build a motorcycle that was fast, dependable and agile, which made the officer forget about the negative side of the job. Mike as usual took the idea as another great challenge to be conquered and offered his assistance.

In late 2007, they began development of the first Victory Police Motorcycle and work began on entering the Police Motorcycle business with the Victory Kingpin motorcycle. Initially using the Kingpin Platform a number of areas for enhancement were discovered with long hours of testing and idea’s brought forward.  

Victory Police Commander Series
Victory Police Commander Series

After a tremendous number of hours, meetings, surveys and information gathering from Motor Officers not only in Tucson but from around the U.S., the Kingpin was built. During that time, Victory had discovered that the Tucson Police Department had been looking for a custom style looking motorcycle to use as public relations for a motorcycle safety awareness program sponsored by the Arizona Governor’s Office on Highway Safety. Victory went back to the motorcycle giving it more of a classic custom look to draw the public to the bike and the program. The motorcycle was delivered to the Tucson Police Department early in 2008. The motorcycle was a great hit with the public, and we were getting a lot of phone calls as the sightings of the elusive Victory Police Motorcycle continued. The input received about the motorcycles abilities and the officer’s likes and dislikes have been of a tremendous benefit to Victory and Victory Police Motorcycles in the development of Victory Police Motorcycle’s “The Commander” the New American Police Motorcycle. Read about the Commander I and Vision its own separate pages.



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